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Is this really the actual copper from the dome?

Yes, 100%. While other metals may be used to make certain heirlooms (such as the brass in the coins) any copper used in the making of these pieces has come directly from the Chapel’s dome. There is a guaranteed chain of custody from dome to factory to make sure only Chapel dome copper is used for these special heirlooms.The nostalgia and uniqueness of each piece of copper is something to cherish! Remember, this copper has been on the roof of our beloved chapel for close to 90 years in some cases, and discolorations and scratches due to weather have graced the dome copper. Discolorations within each piece and from piece to piece will and have naturally occurred. Scratches may always be visible, but will not dominate the design of your piece. We have taken great care to rehabilitate and preserve the natural state of the copper throughout the entire process from transportation from Annapolis to Warwick to fabrication and assembly. Although the use of a protective barrier is used on each item, the transfer of oils and solutions can occur with direct skin contact or foreign contact.

How long will the Alumni Association be offering these items?

The time frame for this program depends on what products that the USNA alumni would like to order and how much copper each order will use. The copper from the Chapel dome is limited. Based on popularity there may be only a certain number of products that can be made.

How much copper was there?

The general contractor has estimated ~8,000 square feet of copper covered the Chapel dome. We are carefully tracking the exact poundage of copper collected as Herff Jones picks up each batch of freshly removed copper and transports it to Warwick, RI. While Herff Jones makes your heirlooms, not all of the copper is usable and there is some waste in the manufacturing process.  Herff Jones has implemented measures to take great care to minimize waste and to carefully account for each last ounce of copper to ensure the maximum number of heirlooms.

Is this a fundraiser?

No. While the US Naval Academy Alumni Association does receive some funds from the purchase of these heirlooms, costs have been purposefully kept low to make them as affordable as possible. The main purpose of this campaign is to produce pieces of memorabilia that our midshipmen, and alumni, could acquire to remember their service and time at the Academy. We would still hope that for any future capital campaigns you donate what you can to help the Association.

Do I have to be a midshipman or alumni to purchase an item?

Anyone can purchase one of these items. This way family members of midshipmen or alumni can purchase items to give as gifts. This also allows citizens of Annapolis, who have lived with the dome all their lives, to purchase a bit of the dome’s history too.

Is there a warranty?

Our limited lifetime warranty assures you that your heirloom will always be defect-free. Should there ever be an issue with your heirloom, Herff Jones will repair it — free — for the life of the product. No hassles. No worries. No doubt. 

USNA Return Policy

If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the heirloom for a full refund. Or, if you prefer, you may apply its cost for an exchange with any of the other heirlooms we offer. Heirlooms can be returned for up to 30 days from the date of their purchase.

Can USNA alumni classes customize products for their class?

Yes, there is a process established to customize certain products. A designated Herff Jones representative will assist Class Presidents, or their designee. Please contact Bob Vaz at to discuss the process.